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Suppan could be on his way out of Milwaukee

Former Cardinals starter Jeff Suppan was uninspiring in his most recent spring start, giving up four runs in four innings pitched. And that is fueling speculation that the 2006 World Series hero may be on the verge of being released.

If Milwaukee lets Suppan walk, I wonder what the odds are that the Cardinals bring him back and give pitching coach Dave Duncan a chance to bring him back for the major league minimum. If suppan could pitch like he did during his first stay in St. Louis, he's make an awful nice fifth starter and Kyle McClellan could go back to the bullpen where he is needed the most.

Suppan was a well-liked teammate and a solid -- if not spectacular -- starter during his St. Louis stay. But he drove his price beyond what the Cardinals were willing to pay and snagged a contract that averaged more than $10 million a year for four years. Wouldn't it be the best of both worlds to have Suppan's ability in St. Louis and his paycheck in Milwaukee.