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Dream Weaver Update: March 2, 2010

Jeff Weaver, hero of the 2006 World Series, continues his baseball odyssey since turning down the Cardinals offer to return in 2007.

After spending time looking like a piñata for the Mariners and then hanging out in the minors with the Indians and Brewers organizations in 2008, Weaver emerged last season with the Dodgers where he pitched well as a swing man. He was 6-4 with a 3.65 ERA in seven starts and 21 appearances out of the bullpen.

He's back in L.A. for 2010 with a one-year, minor league deal. But he tells ESPN that his days in the bush leagues are done and that he has an escape clause in his contract that allows him to demand his release if he doesn't make the major league club out of spring training.

"It was a situation where I really didn't want to put on a Triple-A uniform again," Weaver told ESPN Los Angeles. "I am here to make this team. If it doesn't work out -- which obviously I hope it does, and I don't really want to play anywhere else, which is why I came back here -- then I don't really want to do the Triple-A thing again. I will be content with whatever happens from there on."

That's easy for him to say.