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Yankees out on Lee. Are the Reds in?

UPDATED: The Rangers have traded for Cliff Lee, sending a package that included first baseman Justin Smoak to Seattle.

I'm glad the Cardinals didn't sell the farm for a rental. But gladder that the Reds didn't get him.


A deal between the Mariners and Yankees that was supposed to be all but finalized fell through at the last minute.

Apparently New York was reluctant to give up more than it's initial offer of three top prospects for Lee and Seattle turned to other suitors. The Rangers and -- believe it or not -- the Reds are supposedly the top two contenders at this point.

According to AOL Fanhouse, the Reds are going "all out" in their efforts to acquire Lee. I wonder whom the Cardinals will go all out for?

Dusting off an old nugget that has been reported here before... Lee Could have been with the Cardinals in 2007 when Cleveland offered him to the Redbirds in exchage for can't miss prospect Anthony Reyes, according to ESPN reports at the time.

The Cardinals turned their nose up at the deal and instead ended up dealing Reyes to the Indians in 2008 for a minor league pitcher who didn't even make it the whole season in the St. Louis system.

But, on the bright side, if the Cardinals would have traded for Lee in 2007, they probably wouldn't have had the money to sign Mark Mulder to the two-year extension he inked following shoulder surgery. And where would we have been without him?