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Rumor Mill: Halladay deal may come sooner than later

While speculation continues to swirl about where he may go, ESPN Radio predicts Toronto Ace Roy Halladay will be dealt within a week.

The Blue Jays are eager to get out from under the $7.5 million Halladay is owed for the rest of the season, not to mention the $15 million or so they are on the hook for next year. Relatively speaking, that's a reasonable price for one of the best starting pitchers in baseball. But Halladay isn't going to help Toronto overcome the Red Sox, Yankees and Rays in the next two years.

According to Fox Sports, the Cardinals chances of landing Halladay hinge on whether the Blue Jays would take slugging prospect Brett Wallace and aspiring shortstop Peter Kozma instead of their stated demand for young pitching. The Redbirds don't have a lot of that, but they could potentially throw in Jess Todd, Clayton Mortensen, Mitchell Boggs or a handful of other minor league hurlers as secondary parts of the deal.

On the brights side, Halladay has a no trade clause and has expressed interest in playing in St. Louis. And it couldn't have hurt for him to hear St. Louis fans chant "We want Roy! We Want Roy as he passed by in the All-Star Game parade. But there are other appealing options out there -- especially when he can be a free agent in a year and a half anc pick where he wants to play. So it is unlikely he would force the Jays to trade him to St. Louis.