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Fox coverage

Tim McCarver just went into a long diatribe during the Cardinals-Mets game about how he can't understand, since the mechanics of a lefty hitter and a righty hitter are so different, how teams can have a righthanded hitting coach trying to help out lefty batters.

He went on to suggest that maybe someday teams will get smart and hire a righty hitting coach to help the righties and a lefthanded hitting coach to help the lefties... Um, hello? The Cardinals have already done that. Mark Mcgwire is righthanded and St. Louis assistant hitting coach Mike Aldrete is a lefty.

I can't imagine that a schmoozer like McCarver wouldn't know about Aldrete's role with the Redbirds...

C.B. Bucknor is up to his usual games again. He's got his amoeba of a strikezone (both in terms of size and shape) working overtime with one ball to Albert Pujols that was four inches outside to Pujols called an emphatic strike. He also called a worm burner to Matt Holliday a strike to put Holliday in the hole with two outs and a runner in scoring position in the first.

But what is more irritating than that is the fact that Bucknor went out of his way to tell Johan Santana in the bottom of the first that he could blow into his hand on the mound because the Cardinals pitcher was doing it.

First, from what I have always been told since I was a kid, the fact that the other guy was doing something doesn't make it right. It is up to the umpire to decide if weather conditions justify allowing pitchers to blow into their hand on the mound. So make a decision and tell Jaime Garcia he isn't allowed to do it if he shouldn't be doing it. Don't let the players decide what the rules are...

Second, it isn't the umpire's job to go tell the opposing pitcher he can do something because the other guy did it. If no one is covering third base, should the umpire tell the runner on second "Hey, you should run down there?"

Mind your own business C.B.