Cheap Seats

Yanks trade their left fielder for a pitcher... Hmmmm

The Yankees have swapped Melky Cabrera and others to the Braves for starting pitcher Javier Vazquez.

Cue the scary music, because baseball's spendingest team suddenly has a clear and present opening in left field.

What this means for the Cardinals and Matt Holliday is unclear. New York claimed that it wanted to limit its payroll to $185 million in 2010. But the fact that the Yanks are picking up Vazquez's entire $11.5 million salary and sending $500,000 to Atlanta to boot seems to indicate that the self-impose salary cap may not be quite as firm as initially indicated.

Will the Yankees go all out for Holliday now?

Will they go cheaper with Jason Bay?

Even cheaper than that with Johnny Damon or Xavier Nady?

It's interesting the agent Scott Boras represents both Holliday and Damon. Holliday is counting on the Yankees to get involved in the Holliday bidding to drive the price up while Damon has made it perfectly clear that he greatly prefers to go back to the Yankees.

Seems like more than a little bit of a conflct of interest to me.