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SF Chronicle: Pujols sells St. Louis area house

For some reason the San Francisco Chronicle reports on its Web site,, that Albert Pujols has sold his Creve Coeur home.

I guess the implication is that, since the big guy's contract is nearly up,  he's pulling up stakes in anticipation of a move out of town. But don't get excited, that's not the case. The house in question is a four-bedroom job that The Mang bought in 2002 for $500,000 when he was still an up and coming ballplayer. Pujols has another home in an area that I am not going to disclose that, it's safe to say, is more befitting a dude who pulls down $16 million a year... and who expects to soon make a whole lot more very soon.

Pujols sold the old digs for $530,000. It's no surprise, in this housing market, that it would take a while for him to unload the old family homestead. With the money he has made in his career, I don't think we should look for him to put his house up for sale in case of a move. I'm pretty sure he can afford to carry the cost of the old house while he gets settled into a potential new one.

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