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Carp Comeback Player of the Year

Congratulations to Chris Carpenter who was named the National League's comeback player of the year.

With a 17-4 record and a 2.24 ERA, Carpenter was obviously one of the top starting pitchers in the National League. But to contrast his 2009 performance with his previous two seasons worth of injury struggles is staggering.

The Cardinals, because of their contractual obligations to Carpenter, simply couldn't have had the success the did in the recently completed 2009 campaign without their ace returning to his previous dominant form. Carpenter did that and then some, not only putting up stellar personal numbers, but putting him back in position to lead the younger pitchers in the rotation by example.

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Chris Carpenter, second from left, makes his living by keeping opponents from hitting home runs. But here he is congratulated for hitting a grand slam against the Reds. AP photo.

I'm really glad for Carpenter who is one of my favorite Cardinals players of all time. I appreciate not only his talent, but his loyalty to the St. Louis organization and the fans. And, while the Cardinals have stumbled down the stretch, it's good to know that Carpenter is going to start the first playoff game on Wednesday. And, if it goes that far, he could end up hurling two of the five contests.

I like those odds: You need three wins and Carpenter is going to start twice...