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Pujols: It was me who talked Edmonds into comeback

Jim Edmonds' decision to make a comeback at 39 3/4 wasn't ego or revenge driven. It wasn't even the former Cardinals outfielder's idea originally.

St. Louis first baseman Albert Pujols told that he is the one who approached Jimmy Ballgame with the idea of getting back on the field. Edmonds said Pujols told him he'd "be crazy" not to try to play again before it was too late.

Pujols said his only regret is that Edmonds isn't with the Cardinals, instead catching on with the division rival Brewers.

"I hate to see him playing against us in the division," Pujols told "He's always going to be a Cardinal forever."

It's interesting, with how much of a Tony La Russa supporter Pujols is that he basically disagreed with management 180 degrees on this issue. After all, it was the Gold Glove first sacker who put Edmonds up to ambushing La Russa on the stage in front of a packed house at a fundraiser and demand his old job back.

La Russa blanched and eventually admitted he didn't think Edmonds would be a fit because the Cardinals couldn't give him enough playing time to keep him happy...