Cheap Seats

Ankiel is still waiting on line two

If it's difficult for Cardinals fans to wait out the Matt Holliday standoff, imagine how tough it must be for Rick Ankiel.

The pitcher turned outfielder is called the "most interesting second tier free agent" by the sporting news. Ankiel could be a steal for a low budget team looking for an inexpensive power source. But he's not going anywhere until his agent, Scott Boras, get Holliday's situation resolved and the dominoes start to fall.

Boras, also Holliday's agent, it a little busy right now. And teams won't be sure of their needs until they know for sure where Holliday goes.

One thing is for sure, Ankiel shouldn't worry about winning now, getting a big contract or in which city he will play. He needs to find a starting job in a hitter-friendly ballpark and get a solid season under his belt.

The biggest problem Ankiel will have in getting a contract is that he is an unknown commodity. He has a very short -- although pretty spectacular -- record as a hitter. His injury history is another red flag.

It would seem like an interesting idea to send Ankiel to the American League where he could be the designated hitter some days to save wear and tear on his body. But the guy is such an exciting outfielder that it would seem like a waste.