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Mets make Maine sick, too

Despite the fact that he was apparently battling the flu, the Mets forced starting pitcher John Maine to the mound Thursday to get his work in.

In between innings, Maine vomited several times -- 10 by the count of the New York Daily News -- in the clubhouse only to return to the rubber and face hitters after his team's turn at bat. He ended up giving up four runs in 4 2/3 innings pitched.

The Maine outing is an interesting metaphor for the Mets questionable decision making as a franchise. Why have a guy who is sick in your dugout so he can make everyone else sick? While pushing for the short term gain of getting Maine a few more innings under his belt before camp breaks, the Mets risk making their whole team ill just in time for the games that count.

Too bad the Cardinals don't open the season in New York.