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Tigers to designate Willis

The Cardinals have a hole in their starting rotation. Dontrelle Willis is on the verge of being released by the Tigers...

Willis was a dominant pitcher but his funky mechanics are a mess. The Cardinals' pitching coach is the foremost expert in Major League Baseball at ironing out mechanical problems...

Anyone else think this is the biggest no-brainer of a $300,000 investment that the Birds could make?

If the Cardinals pick up Willis for a pro-rated portion of the MLB minimum, Dave Duncan has as good of a chance to sort out Willis as anyone. As far as what has been made available to the public, it appears that Willis is physically healthy. He went on the disabled list for anxiety, which is a red flag for a team that struggled along with Khalil Greene last season. But that was likely just a cover story as the Tigers tried to sort out Willis' control issues.

Bottom line, I'd rather see the Cardinals take a chance in Willis than spend the same amount of money on a has been or a never will be. Willis is young, he still throws hard and he's got a World Series ring. All he needs is a little bit of tweaking to be a high level major league starter.