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Dempster: "Hooray, hooray... Ow ow ow ow ow"

Cubs starter Ryan Dempster may not have stuck the landing when he leapt over the top rail of the dugout at Wrigley Field Sunday to celebrate his victory over the Brewers.

But the move landed him squarely on the disabled list with a broken big toe. Seriously. They can't make this stuff up.

Dempster is expected to miss a month, so it appears that his little piggy won't be headed to the market anytime soon.

I'm sure we'll get a lot of whine and cheese out of Chicago, blaming the third-place, $140-million Cubs woes on the fickled finger of fate, not extra-curricular stupidity. Or maybe it's the fault of a long dead goat...

Dempster is 5-5 with a 4.09 ERA for the 41-40 Cubs that are three games back of the Troy Glaus, Mark DeRosa and Kyle Lohseless Cardinals.