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Cubs wandering out of the desert?

Spring training is the perfect baseball getaway. 

The weather is fantastic, especially after a long and cold northern winter. There are lots of fun things to do when the games are over and there is no place to have a better chance to get close to the players.

Leave it to the Cubs to mess things up by crashing the party.

Word out of Chicago is that the Cubs new ownership is considering moving their spring training operations from Arizona to the Grapefruit league. The rumored destination in Sarasota, former home of the Reds and White Sox.

It's probably a good idea for baseball. Florida has lost several teams to Arizona over the last few years and, Frankly, it is getting boring watching the same dwindling handful of teams when there used to be so many more to see. The Dodgers, Rangers, Red Sox, Royals and Reds are amongst teams that have skedadled in recent years from Florida to Arizona.

But can't they leave the Cubs fans in the desert?