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Fuzzy All-Star memories

It's interesting how one's opinion and memory changes over time.

I'm watching the 1981 All-Star Game from Cleveland's Municipal Stadium on MLB-TV. Pedro Guerrero came to the plate and Joe Garagiola gushed about what a prospect he was.

"He reminds you a little bit of Willie Mays with some of the plays he makes out there in centerfield," Garagiola said.

I remember Guerrero as a pretty darn good line drive hitter. But even before he came to the Cardinals and was stationed at first base, I don't recall him as an outfielder that I would compare to the Say Hey Kid.

Maybe Lonnie Smith... But not Willie Mays.

Boy this is a hard game to watch because of all the horrendous uniforms. Mike Schmidt wore the Phillies ugly blue jump suit. Dave Parker is in right field wearing the Pirates yellow pajamas -- top and bottom -- and Ozzie Smith is at shortstop in San Diego Padres brown.