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Angels say they're not focused on Holliday

Sorry, Scott Boras, but the feeding frenzy you're hoping to whip up over Matt Holliday seems more like a Weight Watchers meeting.

Another one of the deep-pocketed players that was expected to drive the slugging Cardinals outfielder's pricetag up, this time the Angels, has publicly stated disinterest in entering the fray.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

General Manager Tony Reagins on Monday shot down a report that the Angels are one of three teams, along with the Yankees and Red Sox, that have expressed serious interest in free-agent outfielder Matt Holliday.

"He's a talented player," Reagins said of Holliday, who hit .313 with 24 home runs and 109 runs batted in for the Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals in 2009 and could command a deal in excess of $100 million. "But our focus is not on him right now."

The team's top priorities are to re-sign pitcher John Lackey and third baseman Chone Figgins, but Reagins, who secured outfielder Bobby Abreu to a three-year, $19-million deal on Nov. 5, hinted that it is unlikely the Angels will sign either before Thursday, the last day the team holds exclusive negotiating rights to the pair.

Of course, if Lackey and Figgins sign elsewhere, this could all change. But the story goes on to say that the Angels have had layoffs in their public relations and community relations offices last week and that they don't plan to increase their $113-million payroll of last season.