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Cardinals @ Pirates, Sept. 22

Something I have learned in my nearly four years of penning this blog is that you have to be careful what you say about the beloved home team.

No matter how bad the Cardinals play, there's some Kool Aid drinker someplace who can come up with a reason to excuse it. And I usually hear about it at the grocery store at the gas station or even by certified mail.

When I wrote three weeks ago that this Redbirds club was the worst I had seen in my life my editor told me I was out of my mind to print it because he expected an avelanche of hate mail. Jim Muir, the host of a Saturday morning sports show on WQRL 106.5 in southern Illinois asked me on the air if I cooled off and wanted to take it back...

I heard lots of comments, I admit. More than 100 if you count the blog page, the News-Democrat's Web page, Facebook and people on the streets...

Two people flatly disagreed. Two. One who said that I should be forbidden from ever writing anything about the Cardinals again because I'm not loyal enough to the team. And one who said they thought the early 90s squads featuring Bryn Smith as the team ace were worse.

That says a lot.

Unfortunately the two games in Pittsburgh say even more. Not only have the Cardinals quit, but they forfeited any pride they might have had. The complete lack of fight in this team is disgusting.

On Wednesday they lost 11-6 to the Pirates and pitcher Charlie Morton.

Morton entered the game with a 1-11 record and an 8.61 ERA. He had less chance to win a game against a major league team giving a quality effort than I have to win the Miss USA Pageant.

He pitched six innings against St. Louis and allowed four hits and two runs. If there is an excuse for that, I don't know what it is.

I love to watch baseball. I look forward to it every day. And I hate the fact that I am getting ready to face six months without Cardinals games at Busch Stadium or on TV. But I am ready for this season to be over. These games haven't been fun to watch since early August.

In years past, even if the Cardinals lost, we could count on some good, competitive baseball. But they play like a bad high school team without a clue of how the game should be played. Worse yet, they act like they don't care if they win or lose. And they certainly must not care if they embarrass themselves.