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Mets fans think Holliday wants to stay in the STL

While most of us in Cardinals Nation seem to think that New York is the town to beat when it comes to landing Matt Holliday, at least some New Yorkers think St. Louis has the inside track to keep the left fielder.

Metscitiblog writes that most GMs think there aren't going to be any mega-dollar, many year contracts handed out this year, and the only way that one of the New York clubs is going to land Holliday is if they blow him away with a giant deal.

Metscitiblog writes:

While it is not definite, it doesn't look like the 6 or 7 year deal will be out there from a lot of teams.  This could spell disaster for the Mets if they are set on Holliday because unless they blow him out of the water, he seems like the kind of guy that would sign a deal to stay in a market like St. Louis rather than test New York.

What does this mean for the Mets?  This could spell trouble as there aren't a lot of options for that slugger they so desperately covet this winter.  Do they beat a St. Louis offer by $20 million to sway him?  Would that make sense even if they were willing?  

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