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Tribune predictions

The Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers predicts that the Cardinals will only "make a face saving offer" to Matt Holliday and never be in the running to keep him. Instead, he predicts the slugging left fielder will sign with the Red Sox to replace Jason Bay.

While Holliday may or may not sign with the Red Sox, the logic behind it shows that Tribune baseball writers know approximately as much about baseball as the Cubs do.

Rogers said Boston will pursue Holliday hard because it lost Mark Teixeira last off-season and doesn't want to fall short again. What? He further said Boston was the favorite because Holliday is a Boras client and that makes money the most important thing. But the Red Sox are currently haggling with their incumbent left fielder, Jason Bay, over about half the money most think it will take to ink Holliday. So they are suddenly going to shift gears and spend twice as much money to save face over Teixeira?

Boston would be better off signing Bay and not forcing the Yankees to get involved in the Holliday bidding...

On the same bizarre note, Rogers predicts the Cardinals' big off-season pickup will be ... drumroll please... Miguel Tejada!

Again, this is deduced through some pretty crazy logic. Rogers said if the Cardinals can't keep Holliday that they are going to have to overpay to get SOMEONE, ANYONE to make Albert Pujols happy, and it might as well be for one of the game's most productive shortstops."

Seriously? Does anybody think Tejada can play shortstop anymore besides Tejada? I know defense has never meant that much to the Cubs. But is the team of Ozzie Smith and Marty Marion going to install an over the hill defensive liability at the most important defensive position in the game and banish the emerging Brendan Ryan back to the bench?

If the Cardinals did sign Tejada, which would be a waste of money given their needs, it would be as insurance at third base with rookie David Freese penciled in there. While Tejada was once an offensive force. But we later learned it was at least partially due to to the miracles of science... and it hasn't heart him to play the last two seasons in one of the most hitter friendly parks in the game.