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Lohse might be done for the year

Kyle Lohse might be done for the year following the determination of a specialist that he has a forearm problem that almost certainly needs surgery.

According to reports, the sheath around the muscle in the forearm doesn't allow the muscle to expand. As Lohse pitches, the constricted muscle gets irritated and swollen and doesn't allow him to execute his pitches.

So now what?

The only in-house options the Cardinals have are to either promote another rookie to the rotation or to pluch Kyle McClellan or Mitchell Boggs from the bullpen to fill the hole left by Lohse. Neither is a very attractive alternative. A kid is going to have growing pains and force the bullpen to work harder when he makes an early exit. Subtracting one of the more experienced right arms from the bullpen would weaken it considerably and force the Cardinals to rely more heavily on inexperienced guys like Blake Hawksworth and Jason Motte.

The Cardinals could look for a trade. And isn't it exciting that Roy Oswalt is sitting there on the block. But it would gut what's left of the farm system to land him. And the Birds would be in a bad financial place in 2011 when they're locked into paying big bucks to Oswalt, Chris Carpenter, Lohse and Adam Wainwright.

Maybe Bud Norris is available.