Cheap Seats

We're waaaaaaaaiting...

I just don't get what the possible hold up in the Matt Holliday negotiations could be.

How long does it take to say "yes, I will take your millions upon millions of dollars to hit -- and maybe sometimes even catch -- a little, white ball?"

The only thing I can think of is that Holliday and agent Scott Boras must be hoping that another offer miraculously materializes. And, at this point, that's a bunch of bull. The Cardinals have been more than patient with Holliday. So he needs to either concentrate on getting a deal with St. Louis done or the plug needs to be pulled.

I am very irritated that last week a resolution was expected by early this week. Now we're hearing maybe by Friday. What? This has gone on long enough.

There is talk that this could all fall apart with a massive last minute offer from Baltimore. But if Holliday wants to go fight with the Rays for fourth in the AL East, he needs to make up his mind so the Cardinals can move on.