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Could Cards have interest in former Tiger?

I know the "are you insane or just stupid?" remarks will be unleashed with the next few keystrokes...

But shouldn't the Cardinals at least consider Tigers castoff Gary Sheffield as the impact bat manager Tony La Russa craves?

Sure, he's a jerk and a glorified designated hitter. But he is probably a better outfielder than Chris Duncan even at this stage of his career. And he is right handed, something that is in short supply in the St. Louis outfield.

Sheffield probably isn't an every day player anymore. But even on the bench in pressure situations he might help Albert Pujols get a better pitch when he is a threat to pop off the bench and pop one into the bleachers.

Sheffield was slowed by a shoulder injury last season. But he got it surgically repaired over the winter and he said he feels ready to go... It would be great if the former infielder could play third base while Glaus was out. But he hasn't done that for years, and when he did it wasn't pretty.

La Russa has managed the likes of Jose Canseco, Reuben Sierra and Ricky Henderson. So we know he can deal with a guy who is a handful. And the real beauty is that if the Cardinals pick up Sheffield off the waiver wire, they would only have to pay him the major league minimum while the Tigers will pay him $14 million.

So, I think the real question is, if the Cardinals were willing to take a $475,000 chance on Royce Ring, what is the harm of taking a $400,000 chance on Sheffield? If he stinks or if he is a jerk, cut him. But his upside is enormous, even if he is just a pinch hitter.