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Marquis to join Nationals

Word out of Washingon D.C. is that the Nationals have signed former Cardinals starting pitcher Jason Marquis.

No word on terms yet.

Marquis had a very nice year last season for the Rockies, and his ground ball inducing style seemed to be perfect for Coors Field. But, after a late season stumble Marquis wasn't allowed to make a start in the playoffs and he boiled over because of it.

The Rockies insisted there were no hard feelings, but they said Marquis would have to take a pay cut for the team to be interested in bringing him back... A weird way of rewarding a pitcher for an excellent year.

Marquis was on the last of a three-year deal he signed with the Cubs following the Cardinals' 2006 World Series victory.

Coincidentally, Marquis also worked his way into the St. Louis doghouse and wasn't asked to particpate in the post-season during its championship run.