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Izzy signs with Tampa

The Cardinals all-time save leader has moved on.

Jason Isringhausen, 36, has signed a minor league deal with the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays.

Refreshingly, Izzy told the Tampa press that he didn't care about the money. He just wanted a chance to play ball. He had asked the Cardinals for a minor league deal with a chance to make the team as a middle reliever but was rebuffed.

That was one of the few John Mozeliak decisions this off season that I agree with. Izzy would have been a distraction for the kids more than he would have been a mentor. As genuine as his intentions are, everyone knows how important it is to Isringhausen to get his 300th save. He's currently stuck at 293.

Ironically, Isringhausen will get a chance to get those saves while Rays closer Troy Percival is on the shelf following back surgery. Percival moved on from the Cardinals following the 2007 season to get away from Izzy and have a chance to close after setting up for Isringhausen with the St. Louis.