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Game 7, Cardinals vs. Astros, April 12

Cardinals 3 (5-2 1st place)

Astros    0 

WP Lohse (2-0)

LP Rodriguez (0-1)

What a delightfully boring game.

I'm sure it was the sort of a contest that non-baseball fans would point to as a reason that they don't think America's pastime is very exciting. But I thoroughly enjoyed watching Kyle Lohse milk ground ball after ground ball out of a very powerful Astros lineup.

Lohse, who signed a four-year deal to stay with the Cardinals immediately following last season, treated Cardinals fans to a rare gem: A complete game shutout. And he did it while allowing only three hits and no walks. Excellent.

The offense didn't show a lot of flash. But I thought Sunday's game was the best complete contest the Birds have had all year. They manufactured runs with excellent baserunning and they held the opposition in check with pretty solid defense and efficient pitching.

It was a solid effort all the way around. Especially when you consider that Astros lefty Wandy Rodriguez ususally gives St. Louis batsmen fits.

Star of the Game: Lohse, no doubt about it.

Lowlight: A tense moment when rookie centerfielder Colby Rasmus and right fielder Ryan Ludwick collided while chasing a fly ball. Fortunately, the contact wasn't severe and both players were able to continue.