Cheap Seats

Hudson's still looking, Edmonds is overlooked

Consensus is that Orlando Hudson can be had for less than $5 million, and he is so desperate for a contract that he would take a one-year deal to play for Kansas City.

That's not a knock on the Royals. But they aren't going to pay Hudson a tenth of the money he wanted at the beginning of the free agency period and they have virtually no chance to win in 2009. So, it's just not an attractive situation.

I still can't understand why the Cardinals don't put their second base dilimma to rest by inking Hudson to a one-year, low dollar deal that improves the team both offensively and defensively.

None of the Redbirds' excuses wash with this one. Not only is Hudson affordable, he is a downright bargain. He's a short term commitment and he plays a position the Birds don't have a young player to fill.

Come on Mo, wake up and get SOMETHING done.

In unrelated business, Atlanta has turned its attention to Ken Griffey Jr. in its effort to find a lefty hitting outfielder. That's bad news for former Cardinals flychaser Jim Edmonds, according to Fox's Ken Rosenthal, who says Edmonds is attracting "virtually no interest."

Earlier this off season Atlanta, Baltimore and Colorado were said to have interest in Edmonds.