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Game 23, Cardinals at Nationals, April 30

On paper, Mitchell Boggs coughed up a lead against a lousy team and cost himself a win.

But in reality, the young Cardinals starter made another very nice start in the place of ace Chris Carpenter. He was nicked at the end and it wiped out what would have otherwise been a pretty nice statistical line. Still, Boggs did what he was supposed to do: He kept his team in the game and gave it a chance to win, which it did 9-4 long after he hit the showers.

Boggs gave up four runs in six innings pitched. But he struck out nine and walked only one. And he nearly got off the hook with only two runs surrendered. It wasn't an easy task. Washington isn't a great team. But the Nationals have a pretty decent lineup with Adam Dunn anchoring the middle.

The Cardinals scored five times in the top of the ninth to break a 4-4 tie and grab the win.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Rick Ankiel drove in the go ahead run with an oposite field rip that Dunn couldn't field. Then the Birds poured it on and gave new closer Ryan Franklin a much needed break when the save situation disappeared.

Lowlight:  Blaine Boyer reduced his ERA to 18.00 with a scoreless inning. But he clocked home plate umpire Jim Reynolds on the skull during his warm-up with a high wild pitch. Nice.