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Past deadline

The Cardinals were quiet Friday at the trade deadline. But I'm good with that following three excellent acquisitions in July.

Mark DeRosa, Matt Holliday and Julio Lugo have all been solid contributors and I would love to see the Cardinals keep all three of them next season and beyond. It would have been nice to add some depth to the pitching staff. But as long and hard as I railed over the off-season for the front office to re-sign Russ Springer., I think GM John Mozeliak was wise to rebuff Oakland's request of prospect Mitchell Boggs for a 40 year old setup man.

The Cardinals have some internal options, the best of which would be if 2006 post season star Josh Kinney regained his form. If that doesn't work out, there may be some waiver moves that could be made in the next month.

With money being tight for a lot of franchises, including the Cubs whose hands are somewhat tied as the team's sale is being completed, there may be more post waiver deals because clubs can't afford financially to claim players they don't really want just to block them from going to other teams.