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Cards feared one-year deal

The Cardinals gave Matt Holliday a seven-year contract because they feared not that they weren't the highest bidder, according to Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal, but that agent Scott Boras would find Holliday a one-year contract somewhere else in hopes of taking him back out on the market after the 2010 season.

It's a notion Rosenthal said one "rival executive" rejected because Holliday wanted to settle down and have the financial security of a longterm deal, not go through the hassles of free agency two years in a row. But short term deals seem to be Boras' latest method of extracting big money from major league owners. He did it with Adrian Beltre this year and with Manny Ramirez and Andruw Jones in the past.

Unhappy with an $85 million offer over five years from the Cardinals and an $82.5 million offer from Boston, Boras may have convinced the Yankees, Mets or another team to pay $20 million for one year and then hope for a better deal if the economy improves by 2011.

I still don't see why everyone is freaked out by the seventh year of Holliday's deal. Holliday is a player who takes extremely good care of himself and the contract only runs until he will be 36, which is older than Ramirez was last season. The Cardinals gave Holliday basically the same deal Carlos Beltran got five years ago from the Mets. Not only is Holliday a better player hitter and a healthier player, it would seem that it's a better deal with the inflation of player salaries over that time.