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WBC isn't much of a classic

It's no wonder American fans don't seem to care much for the World Baseball Classic when things happen like Saturday night's 11-1 blasting of team USA by Puerto Rico.

It's not that the American's lost that bothers me. It's that the US squad has a depleted roster compared to the Latin American squads because 1) American players for for the most part don't seem interested in the WBC and 2) A number of American players are populating the rosters of other teams. It's not a true test of which country has the best team when the best players for each country aren't necessarily on the field.

Albert Pujols, a U.S. citizen, isn't playing because of insurance issues following off-season surgery on his elbow. But if he did play, he planned to play for the Dominican Republic.

How can you get behind the World Baseball classic -- or even team USA -- under these circumstances?