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Halladay: Will ballparks make the difference where he goes?

There's a lot of speculation that Roy Halladay's final destination depends more on where he wants to play than what the Blue Jays can get from the bidders...

Halladay has a full no-trade clause and he said he wants to play for a competitor. He's friends with former Blue Jay and current Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter, so that's a plus in the Redbirds column. And players like Jim Edmonds, Mark McGwire and Mike Matheny have openly talked about how great it is to play in front of the St. Louis fans... But what about the ballpark?

One of the favorites to land Halladay has been Philadelphia, a team that is desperate for pitching even though it meets the Toronto ace's definition of being competitive on the strength of being the defending World Series champion. But home run balls fly out of the Phillies home field, a circumstance that could be a concern for a pitcher who stands to be a free agent at the end of the 2010 season.

But Philadelphia baseball writer Bob Ford doesn't think Citizens Bank Park would bother Halladay. click here to read his column.

For the record, the new Busch Stadium plays about as fair as you can get for hitters and pitchers.