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Baseball needs to get tough with party crashers

Apparently one Tasing isn't enough to teach Phillies fans a lesson.

Tuesday night's game was interrupted by another doofus who jumped the railing and ran around the outfield like an idiot looking for his 15 seconds of fame. After being harshly criticized by the media for putting an end to similar stupidity the night before, the Philidelphia police sat this one out and let ballpark security handle it.

Good thing the doofus in question didn't attack a player or a coach, like a father and son team of jerks did in Chicago a few years back... It's not like a Phillies crowd is incapable of such a thing. Last year a 22-year-old Phillies fan attending a game with a bachelor party was beaten to death by three guys in a fight that started in a bar inside Citizens Bank Field and then was finished just outside after security tossed the scufflers out into the street.

According to

"At first one of the individuals was holding him like in a headlock while the other two were beating him," (Philadelphia Police Homicide Unit Capt. James) Clark said. "He went down to the ground sort of on all fours, and then they started kicking him and stomping him until he went unconscious. And even after that, we have information they continued to kick and stomp him until he was motionless."'

Police and Major League Baseball really need to crack down on this stupidity. Step one is that anyone who jumps out on the field should be immediately banned for life from attending Major League Baseball games. Second, their should be a minimum penalty imposed by Major League Baseball cities that results in a hefty fine and mandatory jail time.

I'm not talking about five years in the clink. But one of my life goals is to never go to jail. Being required to spend a month of weekends in the pokey might be something that makes jokers think twice about trying to get on TV for a few seconds.

Coincidentally, I think there should be similar penalties for people who sit in the wrong seats. But that's another post...