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Updated: Mets to announce Bay signing next week

Note: This is all over the place now... The Mets have signed bay for four years and $66 million with a vesting option year that would make it about five years and $80 million...

Previously reported:

Word out of New York is that Jason Bay has finally agreed to play for the Mets and that an announcement will be made in the next week or so.

WFAN reports that the only obstacle left is Bay passing a physical.

If this is true, it's huge for the Cardinals. The Yankees have maintained that they aren't going to spend big money on a left fielder. So it would seem that the Cardinals are by far the best destination left that has both a need for free agent slugger Matt Holliday and the money to make a deal happen.

The New York Daily News this morning quoted an un-named Yankees official as saying that the team was planning to spend about $3 million on a left fielder and there was no way they would go back on their word and sign a high dollar star:

"No chance on Matt Holliday, no chance on Jason Bay.  Zero. None. Underline it."

Meanwhile, talk continues to percolate that the Cardinals are emboldened by the lack of interest in free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre who just a couple of years back pushed Albert Pujols for the NL MVP award.

Beltre, a Gold Glover at third, had a career year that season when he batted .334 with 48 homers for the Dodgers. But besides that anomaly, he's basically a .265 hitter who is good for 20-25 homers and who is pretty good at catching the ball. He was originally asking $12-$15 million a year, depending on which report you believe. But the only team that is said to be in serious pursuit of Beltre so far is the low budget Athletics. He may be had, at this point, for something similar to the $6 million a year that Mark DeRosa got from the Giants. And, as versatile as DeRosa is, Beltre has more skill.

I don't think Beltre is an acceptable Plan B now that DeRosa is gone. But if the Birds could sign Holliday AND get Beltre on the cheap, i would have to believe they are the team to beat in the National League.