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Oswalt likely to reject any Phillies trade offer

Fox Sports reports that Houston pitcher Roy Oswalt does not want to play for Philadelphia and is unlikely to waive his no-trade clause to accept a deal to play for the Phillies.

That means the noose tightens a little bit more and Houston tries to drive up its market value for the club's longtime ace. Only the Cardinals, Phillies, Dodgers and Twins are known to have been interested in Oswalt. The Dodgers have financial problems with taking on his payroll thanks to the divorce of the team's owners and the Twins aren't a very good fit for Oswalt's desire to play closer to his Mississippi off-season home.

There is much speculation that the Astros will simply refuse to trade Oswalt. But that sounds like someone trying lock their spouse in the basement after they have asked for a divorce. Sure, if you chain them to the radiator you can keep someone from leaving. But what is the quality of life going to be for everyone involved?

Let it go, Astros. Move on with your lives.