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Holliday scuttlebutt

Metsblog, which pretty obviously is a blog concerning New York's other baseball team, weighed in on the Matt Holliday speculation.

It's author predicts that Holliday will command a seven-year, $119-million contract when the smoke clears, which is very similar to what Carlos Beltran got from the Mets a few years back.

The Cardinals are said to have made an initial offer of $96 million over six years, so they seem to at least be in the ballpark on this one. And, since it is rare that a team or a person would negotiate any deal by making the best and last offer first, there seems to be room to wiggle.

Interstingly, Mets fans don't seem to think Holliday is worth the money. So, maybe things won't spiral out of control.

But, since we all now know that Holliday doesn't want to play for the Cardinals so badly that he will offer the team a discount, I am starting to wonder if he wants to play in St. Louis at all.

He has steadfastly refused since he got here to express any hope of staying with the Birds. So, if the Cardinals somehow do make the highest offer, would he go elsewhere anyway?

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