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Yore: The Andres Galarraga year

Interesting piece of channel 5 last night about the worst trades in Cardinals history, which was inspired by the whole Khalil Green mess.

The deal for Andres Galarraga from Montreal was named to be their all-time worst deal. While that was frustrating, I don't think it was a mistake.

Galarraga was injured the second game of the season when he was hit by a pitch that broke his wrist. Would it be a mistake for the Cardinals to trade for Lou Brock if he would have suffered the same injury right after he arrived? It wasn't his fault.

Galarraga hit only .243 with 10 homers. But, he really struggled to get his swing back after the break. It took a while. But it was fairly obvious, in my opinion, that Galarraga got better and better as the year neared its end. I thought it was a huge mistake at the time that the Cardinals didn't keep the Big Cat and give him a second chance.

But in one of the more bizarre situations I have witnessed as a Cardinals fan, the home crowd really turned against Galarraga and rode him pretty hard. I haven't seen the Cardinals fans so hard on a home player since Neil Allen. And there have been some pretty serious bums in town during the lean years of the 1970s and the early 1990s.

Galarraga proved he was still a valuable player when he moved on. He hit .300 eight times after departing hitting 28 or more homers six times.

I have to think swaps for Mike Heath, Bobby Bonds and Allen would have to outrank Galarraga.