Cheap Seats

Who is most valuable?

I had the chance to check out the Cardinals team store for the first time this season and I once again have proven wrong the people who say I will buy anything that has something to do with the Cardinals.

If you check out the case at the front of the store where the high dollar items are under lock and key, the prices are more than what I would call eye opening. In fact, they are pretty offensive.

I know it's hard to see, but pictured below is a baseball that bears the signature of Albert Pujols and the inscription "2008 MVP." The price $949.00. Are you kidding me?

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And that's not the worst of it. A Pujols signed bat in the same case goes for $1,399. I love how they make it $1,399, not $1,400, by the way. That way you think you're getting a deal.

Next to those items is a signed Stan Musial replica jersey from Mitchell and Ness for an outrageous $800. Why is that outrageous? Well, the jersey retails for $300 and at his most recent autograph show, Stan the Man was signing things for $100 a pop. Stan's hard to catch these days because he makes very few appearances. But you could buy it at for $600. (You can also buy a Stan Musial autographed baseball there for $100 and a Musial autographed bat for $350 -- more than $1,000 less than the Pujols lumber."

But that's not the really insulting part. I think Albert Pujols is awesome. But a $16 baseball with his name on it is worth more than a $300 jersey with Hall of Famer Stan Musial's signature? Not in my book.

Stan is a St. Louis treasure who never got in trouble and played his whole career for the Cardinals -- even when another team tried to lure him away for three times the money he made here. The Pujols saga has been an awesome story. And I hope he plays his whole career, too. But only part of that story has been written. 

And, sure, I would love to have a few of the items in that high dollar case. But I am not willing to take food out of the mouths of my family for a $949 baseball.