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Holliday makes it official today

Matt Holliday is supposed to finish his physical this morning, sign some papers and otherwise make his seven-year, $120-million deal with the Cardinals official...

What a relief after five months of waiting on pins and needles to see if the Redbirds could keep the bounty of the most dramatic mid-season trade since Mark McGwire came to town in 1997 from becoming just a summer rental.

Now we can shift gears from cursing agent Scott Boras and wondering what the heck was taking so long for Holliday to make up his mind to hearing all about how he loves St. Louis and that he knew all along that this is the place where he wants to play.

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Matt Holliday takes a cut at Busch Stadium in 2009. AP photo.

It's ironic that on this morning on which we woke to see a fresh blanket of snow and temperatures in the teens it suddenly seems like spring training is right around the corner.

While everyone has been hashing out the numbers the last couple of days, in terms of both dollars and statistics, let's not forget about the results on the field: The Cardinals were a decent team prior to Holliday's arrival last year. They were clinging to first place in a weak division. While the Birds may have managed to make the playoffs without him, they were the best team in the National League for the balance of the season following Holliday's arrival.

That was a time that saw Albert Pujols suffer a complete power outage, most likely because of elbow problems that were corrected by off-season surgery. So I think it is safe to say that, while 70 percent of Pujols is better than 100 percent of the vast majority of major league ballplayers, we still haven't seen Holliday and Pujols hitting on all cylinders at the same time yet.

And THAT, is what I am most looking forward to.