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There goes Plan B...

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak has talked about plans B, C and D should the team not be able to ink Matt Holliday to a longterm deal...

I don't know specifically what players made up that alphabetic option list. But if one of them was Angels outfielder Bobby Abreu, Mozeliak can go ahead and start working on Plan E.

Abreu, on the first day that players could file for free agency, opted to stay put and instead signed a two-year, $19-million deal to remain with the Angels.

“I really feel happy here with Los Angeles,” Abreu told the Associated Press. “I really enjoy to play for them, and I think when they started with the conversation for the contract and we didn’t have any problems back and forth, it was a nice negotiation. It was no problem to stay and come back with the Angels.”

Abreu hit .293 with 15 homers, 103 RBIs for the Angels. He also stole 30 bases.

The deal pays $9 million in each of the next two seasons with a 2012 option for $9 million . The option would become guaranteed if Abreu has 550 plate appearances in 2011 or 1,200 in 2010-11 combined.