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Glaus could start minor league rehab by next week

Cardinals third baseman Troy Glaus is making progress with the bat. But throwing is still a problem for the former All-Star who is struggling to recover from a shoulder problem that has kept him off the field all season.

Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal said the Redbirds slugger may be dealt to an American League team as a designated hitter if Glaus' throwing doesn't get better. But do the Cardinals really expect much in return for a guy who is damaged goods?

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Rosenthal said he thinks Glaus could be ready for a minor league rehab assignment as soon as the middle of next week. That's great at the plate. But he still can't throw the ball more than 90 feet.

Here's my prediction. Forget about trading Glaus and the contract that pays him $11.25 million this season. No one is going to take him unless the Cardinals pay a large chunk of that bill. Knowing the skipper and his unconventional ways, why not put Glaus at second base instead of Skip Schumaker?

I know the defense is going to be crummy, with little range from Glaus and a weak arm. But the Cardinals have an outfielder with some of the worst defensive statistics in baseball playing there now... Glaus has never played second base the the majors. But he has played 18 games at shortstop, most recently in 2006 when he played eight games there and had a 1.000 fielding percentage with 18 assists, five put outs and helped turn a pair of double plays. Most would say short is harder to play than second...

Turning the pivot on a double play would be an issue. But it would get a big bat in the game if Glaus can be productive. And that is what the Cardinals most need.