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Cubs interested in Sheets

Eager to make some sort of splash this off-season, but limited by a bloated payroll, the Cubs are reported by the Chicago Tribune to be in pursuit of former Milwaukee ace Ben Sheets.

Does anyone else think it's odd that the Cubs let go of Rich Harden, a pitcher with a questionable health history who was actually pretty healthy the last couple of seasons to effectively replace him with Sheets, who has missed the last year and a half with serious arm problems?

To add to the mystery, Harden was willing to take a short-term deal at a reduced price because of his history of problems. Sheets has said he wants $12 million a year, probably for at least two seasons, which is what he made before he got hurt.

In other words, he doesn't think he should have to take a pay cut at all just because he has been unavailable to pitch more often than he has been capable for the last few years. Those payroll demands may change now that Sheets has scared off his hometown Rangers and other potential suitors.

Still, I guess I will never understand Cubs logic.