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L.A. Times: Manny had more to hide

It's clear Major League Baseball's drug policy just isn't working after reading a Los Angeles Times story about May Ramirez's decision not to appeal his 50-game suspension.

It seems Manny Being Manny was made to realize that unpublicized previous links with performance enhancing drugs were likely to be brought up. Instead of lessening his suspension, by protesting, he could have found himself banned for a year or more.

According to the story, banned performance enhancers are noted in Ramirez's medical file in black and white... And it is alleged that he was busted this spring training for having synthetic testosterone in his system.

I guess I am in the minority as a fan who is terribly troubled by the use of performance enhancing drugs. Even with the recession, which was expected to devistate attendance, fans are still coming out to the ballparks.

Click here to read the LA Times story.