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Don't call him El Hombre

Albert Pujols is deserving of just about any accolade fans and the media can bestow upon him.

He's got some of the greatest numbers in the first nine years of his career of any player to ever play the game. And he's a fixture in the community with his charity work and role model status as a father and husband.

But as impressed I have been all these years I was even more thoroughly impressed when Pujols this weekend politely asked people to stop calling him "El Hombre." The only thing better than watching someone acheive great things and realize their potential is to see them do those things and remain down to earth and humble.

Spanish for "the man," Pujols said it embarrasses him to, in effect, be called the Spanish version of Stan Musial because no one can replace Stan the Man.

I wonder how many Cardinals players over the years would have given their right arm to be compared in such a way to Musial. And, in all honesty, Pujols deserves it because his numbers (in a more offense-friendly era, admittedly) are even better than Stan The Man's were in his Hall of Fame career.

Although it bothered me to hear "El Hombre" over the last few years, I never said anything because I didn't want to be sound disrespectful toward Pujols. Hopefully only about half way through his career, he has already put himself amongst the all-time greats. So let's think of a new nickname for Albert that he can call his own.

Any suggestions? And don't say "The Mang..."