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Rumor Mill: Cards may look outside organization to replace Glaus... Seriously

How low are the Cardinals expectations for Troy Glaus?

Bad enough that the Cardinals ultraconservative front office publicly announced that they are considering a search outside the organization for third base help if they don't hear good news the next time Glaus goes to see the doctors.

Low hanging fruit, anyone?

Former Cub Mark DeRosa is the primary third baseman for the sagging Indians. He is hitting .242 with 6 homers. DeRosa, despite his ties to the Wee Bears, is a winning type of ballplayer. But he is less of the big bat the Cardinals need behind Albert Pujols in the batting order than a super utility player. And the Birds have about six utility guys on the roster right now.

Baltimore is supposedly willing to deal Ty Wigginton who plays third base and the outfield. But he is batting just .210 with two homers.

The big question about who the Cardinals could acquire to play third base is who can they get who would be worth getting but not impede plans to hand the hot corner over to either David Freese or Bret Wallace next year?  So, what about the possibility of picking up Florda's Dan Uggla and moving him to third for the rest of the season? Uggla is hitting .192 with four homers after a terrible start. But his bat is showing signs of life lately and he has hit at least 27 homers in each of his three full major league seasons. In 2010, Uggla could move back to second base or, if the youngsters aren't better, he could stay at third. Florida is reportedly willing to deal Uggla to shed his $5.35 million 2009 contract.