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Giants favored to sign Wellemeyer

Cardinals free agent pitcher Todd Wellemeyer is likely to soon sign with the Giants, according to the Denver Post.

The reliever turned starter had a terrible 2009 after a breakthrough 2008 and has drawn limited interest. But San Francisco, the Rockies and the Mets have emerged lately as suitors. It looks like Wellemeyer could compete for a rotation slot with the Giants or a bullpen spot with the Rockies. He apparently isn't very interested in pitching in New York where the pitching staff is in a shambles.

The Mets have been turned down at nearly every free agent turn this off-season and fans in New York are said to be in a riotous frenzy. While Wellemeyer could probably exploit that situation to his benefit, he may be wise to steer clear of that mess as he tries to rehab his career.