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MLB cries foul over umps

The best news I have heard since the start of the major league playoffs is that the commissioner's office has ordered changes made to the World Series umpring crew in reaction to the attrocious officiating that has plagued the post season to this point.

Longtime crew chiefs Joe West, Dana DeMuth and Gerry Davis, along with Brian Gorman, Jeff Nelson and Mike Everitt will handle the games, according to the Associated Press.

The veteran umps haven't been perfect by any stretch in the playoffs. But at least MLB is trying to create some accountability by creating consequences for some of the less experienced umpired who have made lazy calls and in some places demonstrated that they didn't even have a reasonable amount of familiarity with the rule book.

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Boston first baseman Kevin Youkilis tags Angels baserunner Howie Kendrick in game one of the ALDS. Umpire C.B. Bucknor called Kendrick safe. AP photo.

Amongst the casualties was C.B. Bucknor, consistently one of the worst umpires in baseball. He was scheduled to work the series, but the AP said he lost that opportunity when he blew a pair of calls in the first game of the Angels-Red Sox series.