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Did Boras hose Damon in favor of Holliday?

An interesting story on the Fox Sports web site about Scott Boras and the theory some embrace that he sacrificed the best interests of one of his clients -- Johnny Damon -- to enhance the best interests of another -- Matt Holliday.

According to Ken Rosenthal, it is alleged that Boras refused to help Damon work out a quick deal with New York because he knew if he did that it would severely hamper the negotiating position of Holliday, the top free agent this off-season.

Rosenthal writes:

Boras scoffed at the theory when I asked him about it recently, saying the Yankees never showed interest in Holliday.

True enough.

But the Cardinals did not know that, and could not trust that the Yankees would remain out of the bidding.

If it's true, it's a shame for Damon who wanted to play for the Yankees for the rest of his career but instead was forced to pack his bags for Detroit. But don't look for the players association to beat the drum for Damon. It's leaders are probably thrilled that the Cardinals were soaked for as much as possible to keep the price of free agents as high as possible.

Besides, it looked for a while that Damon might have to accept a $2 million contract just to stay in the majors. But he still managed to get $8 million from the Tigers to replace Curtis Granderson at the top of the batting order. And I guess he'll have to find a way to manage on that instead of the $39 million over three years he initially wanted from New York.