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Go back to the past. There's no room for you here in the future

I'm in Kansas City for the Cardinals series against the Royals.

It's become a tradition. A little baseball, a little barbecue... and a whole lot of the Royals milking an ill gotten World Series victory over and over again.

This weekend the "occasion" is the 25th anniversary of the 1985 World Series, so the home team passed out posters commemorating the Royals' only world championship. Yeah, we get it. A quarter of a decade ago you won the most controversial World Series title in the history of Major League Baseball. But, if you're going to celebrate an anniversary, shouldn't you celebrate on the actual date of the event you want to commemorate?

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The proudest moment in Royals history

Oh, right. The Royals can't logistically do that on account of the fact that for the last 24 years they spend late October working on their golf game on account of the fact they haven't made the post season in the last quarter century...

When are you going to give it up, Kansas City? Several players in the Royals-Cardinals interleague series weren't even born when Don Denkinger blew the call at first base that opened the door for a Royals comeback in the series. I would hazard a guess that at least a third of the Royals fans at the ballpark this weekend weren't born yet, either.

The statute of limitations is up. When you can't find something that happened in the last 25 years to brag about, well that's just a little bit pathetic. Oh, by the way, the posters were sort of a waste. The 3/4 of the people at the stadium on Saturday who were wearing red shredded them on the spot. How many trees had to die in vain?