Cheap Seats

Busch to host braggin' rights game

If you've always wanted to sit in the high dollar seats at Busch Stadium but didn't want to fork over the cash, here's your big chance.

The Cardinals have announced they will lend their home ballpark to the Missouri Tigers and Illinois Fighting Illini for a bragging rights baseball game between the two universities. Held April 7 at 7 p.m., seating will be limited to the diamond box and infield field box seats on the lower level of Busch Stadium. The price is $15 and includes $5 worth of Cards Cash preloaded into the ticket.

The best part -- well, besides getting to sit way down low for cheap -- is that the schools have agreed to use wooden bats in the game. So none of that annoying *PING* whenever the bat meets the ball. Man i hate that.

Last season the Tigers notched a 35-27 record while Illinois was 34-20.

Tickets are currently available on-line at or by calling 314-345-9000.