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La Russa wants to retire a Cardinal

Here is an interesting interview of Cardinals manager Tony La Russa done by KSDK sports reporter Frank Cusumano.

La Russa doesn't say whether he'll agree to manage the Redbirds in 2010. But he did say that he doesn't expect to manage anywhere else if he doesn't. The Cardinals skipper did allow that someday he plans to work for a team's front office and he didn't specify that it would be for the Cardinals.

Also during the interview, the manager agreed with pitching coach Dave Duncan that former Cardinals outfielder Chris Duncan was mishandled.

"The treatment of Chris Duncan was unfortunate to the point that it was upsetting to a lot of us," La Russa said. He also took issue with some fans and members of the media who continued to hammer on Chris Duncan even after he was traded away.

"To see what happened to him was below the standards of St. Louis Cardinals baseball," La Russa said. He added that Duncan played well when he was healthy and not even he knew how badly Chris Duncan was hurting toward the end.  "If i knew how bad it was, i would have never played him as much as i did."

La Russa said he wants to see Matt Holliday come back in 2010, but he wouldn't handicap the odds St. Louis can sign him. He also said he wants Mark DeRosa back, though he doubted the Cardinals could afford him if they signed Holliday, and he was interested in seeing John Smoltz come back.

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